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Đăng nhập

Among many other specialities of the Western region land, try Can Tho Salted Fish Hotpot, you will surely be unable to forget the special taste of hotpot soup mixed with salted fish, fresh meats, fish, shrimp, cuttlefish and many other vegetables such as: water morning glory, water dropwort, eggplant, pumpkin flowers, water-lily flowers, dang vegetable, rau nhut, water hyacinth flower, keo neo etc. Salted Fish Hotpot is a traditional dish which is selected from the most quintes-sence of cuisine cultures of three ethnic groups of Viet, Chinese and Khmer and have the special taste of Southern region. It is so wonderful for the tourists to Can Tho to sit next to the hot Salted Fish Hotpot served with sauce and l ittle of chili to enjoy the countryside taste.