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Hammock Mesh Fine Rice Vermicelli - Gold Coin Pork

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Banh Hoi Mat Vong Ut Dzach (Phong Dien district) is one of special name in Can Tho cuisine. As its name suggests, the cake is covered with crossed lines as beau-tiful as hammock meshes. The cake is made of rice flour and processed through many different phases that only skillful cook can make the delicious cakes with even circles. The cakes are served on the dish with onion fat and served with gold coin pork and different kinds of vegetables such as: salad, basil, cucumber etc. and sweet and sour sauce made of fish sauce, garlic and chili to mix ail together to create an unforgettable taste. Visiting this place, the tourists may participate in different cake processing phases and enjoy their success as a new, strange and interesting experience