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Can Tho Rice Pancake

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If having the opportunity to visit Can Tho, please remember to try this famous cake of the Southern people and surely you will be never able to forget the special taste of this traditional cake. 

“Banh Xeo” is made from rice flour, added with coconut water to create the fatty taste, and turmeric pow-der to create the yellow color for the cake. The materials for making the cake stuffing are various depending on reasons and tastes of the eat-ers. The cake stuffing can be made of lean and fat meat mixed, tiny shrimps, coconut shoots, duck. Espe-cially, Banh Xeo is served with many kinds of vegetables such as: mango leaves, la lua (Cynometra ramilflora L), cai xanh (Collard Greens), xa lach (Salad), rau thom (Herbs), diep ca (heartleaf), tia to (Perilla Leaves), hung que (Leaves of Sweet Basil), la cach (Leaves of Premna Serratifolia), leaves of Giant Crape-myrtle and cat loi (spiral ginger) etc. Sauce is also prepared carefully with sweet, sour and chili taste.