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Grave of Poet Phan Van Tri Historical Relic

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The grave of patriotic Poet Phan VanTri is located in Nhon Loc 1 hamlet, Phong Dien town, Phong Dien dis-trict. Phan Van Tri was born in a patriotic Confucian family, in 1849, he passed the first-degree examination (at provincial level) but he refused to become a man-darin. He stayed at his hometown to fol-low the teaching and poet career. The literature career of Sir Tri was full with the love for the country and people and presented the courage to fight for the justice of the Southern people at the end of XIXth century and at the beginning of XXth century. The grave of Poet Phan Van Tri was recognized by Ministry of Culture and Information as a national cultural and historical relic in 1991.