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Ky Yen Festival

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Ky Yen Thuong Dien Festival in Binh Thuy  Communal  House  is  one among many traditional festivals of the Southern people. The festival is held in 3 days from the 12th to the 14th of Lunar April annually to express the grate-fulness to the gods, nation's heroes and those who have the credits to reclaim and expand this land and worship for peace, good crops and prosperity for everyone. The festival includes the following rituals: Thinh Sac Than Du Ngoan, Emperor Shen Nong, Ban Soan, Tuc Yet, Chanh Te, Than Ho and many other festival activities such as: Tuong (Classical drama) competition, Cai Luong (Reformed) Competition, Lion-Dragon Dancing, cuisine and traditional games: tug of war, boat race, duck catch-ing etc. Annually, Ky Yen Festival attracts the participation of many domestic and foreign tourists.